True North in a Nutshell: Six Guiding Principles for your Lean Journey

Part of GBMP's NEW Management Engagement DVD Series - along with Management Kaizen & Go See.

Understanding and embracing the conceptual basis of the Toyota Production System is the keystone to lean transformation. True North is a vision of the ideal condition both from the standpoint of the customer and the provider that is distinguished at once by its simplicity and also by the challenge it presents to status quo thinking.

In general use the idiom True North connotes a personal or business destiny that may be different for each of us. But in the context of Lean, True North is a precise, concise and universal set of ideals which, when taken together, provide a compass that transcends any particular organization, strategy, geography or culture.

While the ideals themselves can truly fit "in a nutshell", the journey to understanding and practice will last a lifetime.

The GBMP Management Engagement Lean Training DVD "True North in a Nutshell" provides an eye-opening glimpse into the right direction, clarifying the small but crucial set of guideposts necessary for a truly successful Lean journey.

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