Pulling Together 2: Learning to Connect & Synchronize

Using pull and kanban to synchronize all the customer/supplier links in a value stream makes it easier to flow value faster to customers, a key goal in any lean implementation. “Pulling Together Part 2: Learning to Connect and Synchronize” picks up where “Pulling Together: An Introduction to Pull Systems and Kanban” left off, providing more detail on how to make material and information flow at the right time, at the right rate. Whether you watched Part 1or you feel you already have a basic understanding of pull systems and the Six Rules of Kanban, “Pulling Together Part 2” can take your team to the next level – providing all the insight and guidance needed for employees to confidently create a pull system on their own.

Using a mixture of real world examples, true-to-life scenarios, and simple explanations, “Pulling Together Part 2” outlines the three different types of pull systems, explains the components necessary to set up a good pull system, covers how to calculate kanban quantities, explains the important role of the pace setting operation, and offers practical answers to many of the common questions new pull system designers often wrestle with.

Sure to motivate and inspire your whole team, “Pulling Together Part 2: Learning to Connect and Synchronize” concludes with a frank Q&A with “The Toast Guy” aka “Old Lean Dude”, Bruce Hamilton, and includes downloadable checklists, definitions and formulas to help you get started.

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