Paul Akers: Lean is Simple

Presented by Paul Akers, President/Owner, FastCap & Author 2-Second Lean
Paul Akers has taken his manufacturing business from his garage to worldwide distribution in 20 years by pursuing one goal: serve the customer by improving every day. And he has only one ground rule—keep Lean simple. FastCap now has a product catalog of over 600 woodworking products and more than 3000 distributors in 40 countries. Paul credits the astounding business growth to a fun, dynamic culture in which each employee puts into practice at least one two-second improvement per day.  He developed the culture by hiring the right people, relentlessly teaching and reinforcing the eight wastes in a daily morning meeting and empowering people to experiment and fail. Until you and your employees see waste in everything that you do, you don’t understand Lean. How do you know when you and your employees “get it”? When they use Lean principles at home! Want to ensure failure? Overcomplicate it and sterilize Lean with too many charts, graphs, and work documents. His lessons aren’t all orthodox, but he swears by them and so do many other businesses around the world.  After you hear Paul speak about 2-Second Lean, you’ll be a believer that Lean can be simple and fun!