Jeff Siddiqui: Initiating & Influencing the Lean Journey

A Front Line Supervisor's Perspective

After serving as a frontline employee involved in the first 4 years of a lean journey with a mid-sized business unit of Raytheon in Massachusetts, Jeff finds himself a frontline supervisor at the Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) near Sacramento California. One of DMEA’s missions is to operate a semiconductor manufacturing facility, which Jeff believes could greatly benefit from embracing lean principals. One year ago, after a great deal of inspiration at the 2015 Northeast Lean Conference, Jeff set out to initiate and influence the culture of continuous improvement at DMEA. This presentation catalogs the events and lessons learned from one year of efforts and is meant to inspire, educate, commiserate with, and generate conversation around the, at times seemingly impossible, task some of us have of improving our workplace culture with respect to continuous improvement.