Go See - A Management Primer for Gemba Walks

One installment in GBMP's new 4 DVD Management Engagement Series, along with True North in a Nutshell & Management Kaizen.

Going to the “Gemba,” to the place were the work is done has become a popular practice for many top managers. But why do we go? How do we behave? What are we looking for? How can we as managers promote and support kaizen through our visits to and observations of the floor?

This learn-and-do DVD provides a short primer for managers who want to leverage their Gemba support for team members. Focusing on both the social and technical aspects of operational excellence, GO SEE provides a simple PDCA cycle for managers that will prepare them to unlock the brilliance of their team members and create a system and culture of initiative and accountability.

GO SEE explains both science and the art of going to the Gemba, through example,class practice and simple video scenarios. This video is primarily for top managers and support roles that are in a position to lighten loads for floor associates that they themselves cannot address.

If your aim is greater employee engagement and Lean sustainment, it must begin with executive engagement – and the most fundamental tenet of that is “going to see.”

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