GBMP is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to increasing global competitiveness and employment opportunities in the Northeast United States. GBMP provides customized onsite Lean & Six Sigma training and open-to-the-public Lean & Six Sigma workshops for the manufacturing and healthcare industry. As a licensed Shingo Institute affiliate, GBMP offers best-in-class Shingo Model™ training throughout the United States. GBMP also maintains a membership community for Lean practitioners from all industries and coordinates the annual Northeast L.E.A.N. Conference.  For over than a decade, GBMP has been producing an award-winning library of original Lean training materials comprised of more than 25 DVDs, including the #1 Selling Lean Training DVD "Toast Kaizen" (now available in 24 languages), hours of webinar podcasts, Virtual Plant Tours, Lean training games, kits and simulations and more products we think you will find helpful on your Lean journey to operational excellence.

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